The social harms of drugs

Drugs are a curse that not only paralyzes a person mentally and physically but also destroys a person morally in such a way that there is no such thing as respect for drug addicts. Drug addicts are not just their own lives.  Rather, it sinks with the whole family and family

The social harms of drugs

How plant-based diet can give you nutrition with least environmental impact

During this pandemic time, we have been hearing a lot about vegetarian food and its benefit on improving our immunity. Dieting based on the seasonal foods and also local and natural food sources have been always in demand. However, with the influence of western


culture and over indulgence in fast foods, we have moved away from the soul-filling diet. Mindfulness in eating emphasise on knowing the origin of each food items we eat and also to ensure they are sourced locally within a close proximity to our living. Keeping a lower carbon foot print also ensure that there is very low environmental impact with a vegetarian diet.

When compared to non-vegetarian diet forms, a plant-based diet is more sustainable and have less impact on the environment. They use fewer natural resources such as water for the production and have lower impact on the environment. In addition to consuming abundant water resources, livestock farming also contributes to water pollution and damages the ecosystem.

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